F-400/1- Fusion 400 Personal Trainer



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The Body Solid F 400/1 Fusion 400 Personal Trainer is the most advanced fitness machine you can have in your home. Perform mid-rows, decline, flat, incline and shoulder presses on this amazing personal trainer. It features a revolutionary new press arm and pulley system with isolateral 250˚ for unparalleled flexibility and function.
You can adjust the press arms from a mid-row position all the way up to a lat pull-down position. Enjoy your exercising experience on this versatile machine!

[wptabtitle] Optional Attachments[/wptabtitle]


  • FLPFusion Leg Press Attachment FMH Fusion Multi-Hip Attachment FCDWA Fusion Weight Assisted Chin Dip Attachment
  • Weight Stack Options:160 lb. stack210 lb. stack 310 lb. stack



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