G5S- Multi – Station Home Gym



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[wptabtitle]Features [/wptabtitle]

The Body Solid G5S Multi Station Home Gym features 3 pair of handgrips to work on muscle groups from various angles. All you have to do is adjust the cam at the top of the press arm to perform a flawless chest, shoulder and back exercises.
Develop desired abs and awesome triceps with press downs, cable crossovers and many higher pulley exercises. The mainframe construction of the machine assures maximum durability and function. The adjustable hold down pads will stabilize your body for lifts beyond your body weight


[wptabtitle]Dimensions [/wptabtitle]


  • Product Weight:511lb / 231.79kg
  • Width :46.00in / 1,168.40mm
  • Length :83.00in / 2,108.20mm
  • Height :84.00in/2,133.60mm


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