G8I- Iso – Flex Home Gym



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[wptabtitle]Features [/wptabtitle]

With Body Solid G8I Iso Flex Home Gym you can always push your fitness limits to achieve the desired results. Work out in the comfort of your home with this modern machine. The independent iso-flex 3D press arms allow you to define each press or pectoral fly press. It allows you to develop your primary and secondary muscles. The result would be well-defined abs, shoulders and strong legs.
This equipment is a cost effective and will save you a lot of time especially if you don’t have the time to hit the gym regularly.

[wptabtitle] Optional Attachments[/wptabtitle]


  • SP50 50 lb. Selectorized Weight Stack Upgrade
  • Weight Stack Options:160 lb. stack (standard) 210 lb. stack (optional)


[wptabtitle]Dimensions [/wptabtitle]


  • Floor Space Dimensions:85″L x 73″W x 83.5″H


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