PLBP- PlateLoad – Bench Press Machine



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[wptabtitle]Features [/wptabtitle]

The Body Solid PLBP PlateLoad Bench Press Machine provides an exceptional range of movement so that you can perform strength training exercises to perfection.
The bench press features an adjustable arm press that fits users of all sizes. During the bench press, you need to bring the barbell down to your chest and allow your elbows to drop beneath the bench. Order right away and get started working on a healthier, fitter you!

[wptabtitle]Specifications [/wptabtitle]


  • Mainframe: 12gauge 2 x 4” x 2.5T (50 x 100 mm) oval tubing.
  • Painting: Electrostatically applied powder coated
  • Handgrips: High density foam grip
  • Dimension: 1550mm × 1340mm × 950mm (61” × 53” × 37)
  • Weight: 165lbs(75kg)
  • Color(Y/N): Y(Black/red)
  • Welding: Continuous welds at all joints
  • Bearings: Industrially rated, sealed bearings at all pivot points, High density molded plastic end caps
  • Max. User Weight: 120kg


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